Rhiannon is a Sydney based dancer and choreographer. Her practice concentrates on the relationship between the live-ness of dance and processes of repetition, problematizing how a dancing spirit meets economies of production and authorship. Rhiannon’s works have been presented at the Judson Church (New York), Dancehouse (Melbourne), Nagib Festival (Slovenia), Under The Radar and Metro Arts (Brisbane), Eyes Wide Festival (Perth) and Dancenedents, PACT (Sydney). Her practice has been developed in artist residencies throughout Australia and abroad and has received support from organisations such as the Australia Council, Critical Path, The Ian Potter Foundation and Marrickville Council. She has created new works for the students of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and produced the set solo choreographies for the 2014-17 WA school curriculum.

Rhiannon has been a part of international forums such as the Avignon Festival Seminar (2015) and Eastern European Choreographic Exchange (2013). She has lived abroad in Israel and the Netherlands where she worked as freelance dancer. As a performer she continues to engage in experimental and community-engaged projects. In 2016 she has performed Mette Edvardsen’s ‘Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine’ in the Sydney Biennale, Paea Leach’s ‘One and one and one’ in the Keir Choreographic Award, developed ‘Champions’ with Martin Del Amo and continued dancing with Ros Crisp.


Mar 14th-17th

Bodied Assemblies

Dance Massive, Dancehouse, Melbourne



Image: Cleo Mees

Performers: Julian Wong, Ivey Wawn, Bhenji Ra

Awake we change to continue. Bodies soak through other bodies, become many and stay one. Skins stretch out over new shapes, change into words and go on in the abstract. Toward a common form, the prevailing wind collects in quiet chorus. Movement gathers in the overlap. In one time we change together.

In an intricately structured series of increasingly collective happenings, Bodied Assemblies reveals our two-fold capacity for difference and unity. Charged with the tenuousness of live negotiation, three dancers labor with togetherness. From their individual differences grows new and unexpected choreographies of solidarity. All the while their temporary assembly rotates, like the hand of a clock, through a single revolution - ending only to begin again.

Bodied Assemblies was initiated with Australia Council research support in 2013 and has been developed with the support of Arts NSW, Ausdance NSW, Bundanon Trust, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Critical Path, Dancehouse, Dance Massive Festival, DirtyFeet, Inner West Council, Metro Arts, ReadyMade Works, UNSW Creative Practice Lab and the West Australian Department of Culture and the Art.



Rhiannon Newton with Kynan Tan

"Dance is hard to see. Repetition can serve to enforce the discreteness of a movement, objectify it, make it more object-like. That audiences are irritated by it doesn’t yet disqualify it". Yvonne Rainer 1966

My proposition in Assemblies for One Body is to watch what repetition does to dancing. I begin by improvising for one minute. I then attempt to repeat this dance. In many ways I fail, but something remains between your memory and mine. I repeat it again and this time it is a little more like performing a piece of choreography. The time frames begin to halve and the amount of repetitions double. Eventually I arrive to just a movement. This movement becomes something like an object, brought into the future by repetition. But I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to persist in making dance into objects, and this process is of course riddled with imperfections. Perhaps repetition instead provides a way for us to stay together, for paying attention to the smaller processes of emergence, loss and transformation, happening in the dance and our attention. Independent of the dance Kynan Tan works live to create a repeating site of sound. Working between extremes of inaudibility and physicality, the live sound hints at longer processes of repetition and moves across thresholds of perception and materiality.

Assemblies for One Body was developed through the Dance Sites Network (Dancehouse, Critical Path, Strut Dance) and has been presented at Nagib On Stage (Slovenia), Dancehouse (Melbourne), Metro Arts (Brisbane) and PACT (Sydney).



Image: Rhiannon Newton

Doing Dancing is a new solo project that involves re-iterating acts of dancing and reading in relation to Gertrude Stein’s textual portrait of Isadora Duncan ‘Orta or One Dancing'. Imagined as durational ceremony for dance, the work deals with extended processes of accumulation and erasure, the pluralised lineages encapsulated in a single body and the radical nature of the dancing body's capacity to perform many.


January 18-24
'Doing Dancing' residency
PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Sydney

February 15-26
Residency with Angela Goh
Bundanon Trust, NSW

March 14-19
'Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine' by Mette Edvardsen
Sydney Biennale

April 26-30
Kier Choreographic Award with Paea Leach
Dancehouse, Melbourne

May 16-29
'Bodied Assemblies' Responsive Residency
Critical Path, Sydney

June 27-July 8
'Doing Dancing' Solo Residency
ReadyMade Works, Sydney

July 11-24
'Bodied Assemblies' Responsive Residency
UNSW, Sydney

November 20-December 4
'Doing Dancing' residency
Tanzhaus Zurich, Switzerland

December 5-16
'Doing Dancing' residency
Lo Studio / Performa Festival, Switzerland



Image: Sue Healey

Created for the second year dance students of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Circle Dances continues humanities history of coming together to dance in a circle. Being a shape with no end, no beginning and no hierarchy, the circle is perhaps the ideal formation for existing together and dancing on into eternity. The students move as one through dances of collective memory, misplaced times and uncertain futures. They sustain, but leave at their will, the single and perhaps never-ending circle dance.


February 25-March 8,
‘Assemblies for One Body’ and ‘Bodied Assemblies’ Lab
Metro Arts, Brisbane

March 17-30,
Residency with Angela Goh
Bundanon Trust, NSW

April 18-30,
Studio residency and guest lecturer
The Lock Up Gallery / The University of Newcastle, Newcastle

May 4-15,
‘Bodied Assemblies’ Choreographic Lab,
DirtyFeet, Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance, Sydney

June 1-12,
‘Radical Movements’ development for dancer Ella-Rose Trew
ReadyMadeWorks, Sydney

June 15-July 4,
‘Bodied Assemblies’, Out of the Studio
DirtyFeet, FORM Dance Projects, Sydney

July 16-23,
Seminar en Avignon, Australia Council for the Arts participant
Festival en Avignon, France

August 26-29,
‘Assemblies for One Body’, Dancendents
PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Sydney

August 10-September 6,
‘Doing Dancing’ Research Room residency,
Critical Path, Sydney

September 14-19
‘Doing Dancing’, solo residency
Ausdance NSW DAIR, ReadyMadeWorks, Sydney

September 28-November 14
‘Circle Dances’
West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Perth

November 25-December 11
‘Bodied Assemblies’, development
Marrickville Council Independent Artist Grant



Rhiannon Newton with Ella Rose Trew

Radical Movements specifies ‘the dancer’ and ‘the rock’ as extreme temporal conditions. Inspired by the notion of ‘dancing for your life’, dancer Ella-Rose Trew dances a once in a lifetime spectacle of dance. As the routine comes to an end she breathlessly assumes an enduring rock-like existence, doing the work of managing the forces pressing in or her. These extreme conditions alternate over the duration of the performance. Decay begins to emerge in each and they become surpassed by the real body, Trew’s truly exhausted form.


February 24-March 3.
‘Assemblies for One Body’ Dance Sites Network
Critical Path, Sydney

March 17-April 11,
‘Bodied Assemblies' research and development
The Chapel Space, Perth

April 14-25,
‘Outcomes’ by Angela Goh with Benjamin Forster
Critical Path and UNSW, Sydney

June 16-27,
‘Assemblies for One Body’ DAIR residency
Ausdance NSW, Sydney

July 14-18,
‘Assemblies for One Body’ residency
Brand X, Sydney

August 3-10,
Next Stages, presentation of ‘Assemblies for One Body’
Dance Sites Network, Dancehouse, Melbourne

September 14-27,
Solo research
Performing Arts Forum (PAF), France

October 1-6,
‘Assemblies for One Body,’ Presentation
Nagib On Stage, Maribor, Slovenia

October 6-18,
Development with Mala Kline
Studenski Centar, Zagreb, Croatia

December 1-18,
Research and development of ‘Latent’ with Paea Leach
TRIP Tasdance, Launceston



Rhiannon Newton with Jo Pollitt

The Check Point Solo is danced document of a year, created across multiple locations and encasing personal histories, real events and the distances in-between. The work is the result of an extended mentorship and collaboration with choreographer Jo Pollitt. The solo unravels as a series of check-points; a cluster of small dances, mapped, live and relative.